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directory of my programming videos and misc projects

3D and game programming videos

OpenGL (work in progress)

intro to C# and the Unity game engine

Unity Job System, Unity ECS (part 1), Unity ECS (part 2)

arguments against Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming is Bad

part 2: 4 short examples

part 3: 3800 SLOC example

Object-Oriented Programming is Good*

intro to programming videos

every programming language in 15 minutes

intro to programming with Go

survey of programming languages

text and numbers

data structures

searching and sorting algorithms

Hardware and Operating System Basics

Unix system calls

Unix terminals and shells

Object-Oriented Programming concepts

the Internet


server-side web programming

Go web app starter guide and GopherJS (Go compiled to Javascript)

relational databases

version control with Mercurial


text search with Lucene

programming language videos

the Go language (unlike the intro programming with Go series, this assumes prior programming knowledge)

the Clojure language

the C language

the Javascript language

the Java language

the Python language

programming posts

C# generics

rules of tech writing

asynchronous Javascript

the reader and evaluator: how Clojure code becomes a running program

writing functionally pure code

game projects

Chrss (github), video dev diary #1


Unity ECS and Job system (out of date text and videos)